Miller ENG Arrow 25 Fluid Head w/ Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
Vinten Vision 10 Tripod System
Bogen Manfrotto Fluid Head and sticks
Bogen Manfrotto Monopod w fluid head


Kessler Pocket Travel Jib
Kessler Pocket Dolly
Zacuto Z Finder Build Up Shoulder Mt w/Cheese Plate/AB Tap
Red Rock Shoulder Mount
GO PRO Car Mount
Steadybag (Lg.)
Studio Config, Rear Zoom and Focus for FUJI BERM Len

Equipment List


(1) Panasonic 18” HD  ENG/EFP  Pro Monitor w/ 18” screen protector, SDI in/out, HDMI in/out, vector/waveform, AC/DC and batteries

(1) Marshall 7 “HD  ENG/EFP  V-LCD70MD-3G 7” PRO Monitor w/ screen protector, SDI in/out, HDMI in/out, vector/waveform, AC/DC and batteries

ENG Audio:

Wendt 4 Field Mixer w/ DC Power (Three NP-1’s w Frezzi FQC quick charger)
Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer w/ snake
ZOOM H6 Digital Recorder
ZOOM H4N Digital Recorder
Apogee One USB Interface

(1) K-Tek Avalon KE-89CC Fishpole w Rode Blimp System utilizing (2) Rode Fur Covered Dead Wombat and your choice of (1) Sennheiser MKH 416, (2) Rode NTG 2, (1) Rode NTG 3 or (1) Sony ECM-670 Boom Mic.  (1) Harness and HH Mount
Microphone Systems
(3) Lectrosonic 400 Series Sytems  (3 rcvr’s, 2 Cube’s, 3 Lav’s w/ choice of Tram or Lectro Heads)
(1) Sennheiser 100 ew 3 system (1 rcvr, 1 Cube, 1 Lav)
(1) Sony Wireless system (1 rcvr, I Lav)
(2) RE-50’s
(3) Sony ECM 77,s and (1) Sony ECM 44 Hardwire Lav’s
Boom Clip and C-Stand
XLR Cables, Headphones, Misc. Audio Connectors


FCP Studio 7 EDITING on Mac Book Pro 17”
Adobe Premier CC/FCP 7 on Mac Book Pro 15”



Canon C-300                          
Canon 5D Mk ii

Panasonic HPX 500 HD P2 (2/3 mount)
Panasonic HPX 250 HD P2
Panasonic HPX 205 HD P2

GO PRO Hero 2 (mini, mountable and water resistant)
JVC ADDIXION GC-XA2 (mini, mountable and water resistant)
APPLE I-PHONE 6S pl (mini, mountable and water resistant)


FUJI BERM HD 17X w/ 2X extender (2/3 mount)
Century Optics .8X WA Adaptor for FUJI BERM

Canon 16-24mm
Canon 24-70mm
Canon 24-105mm
Canon 70-200mm


Kino Flo 400 Kit includes two 400 Diva Lights, two diffuse, two filters and two stands
Lite Panel   1 x 1 Astra’sw Kit includes two Bi-Color w/built in dimmer  (AC/DC)
Lite Panel   9” ikan          Bi-Color w/Built in dimmer (AC/DC)
Arri lights  (two 650 watt, two 300 watt, two 150 watt) with scrims and barn doors
Lowell lights ( Rifa ex 88, Rifa ex 66, Rifa ex 55, Rifa ex 44 soft box ,(3) day pro 250 watt w barn doors)
Pepper lights (two 650 watt, one 750 watt, one 150 watt w/ snoot)
Frezzi top light (mini-fill sun gun w/ dc and AB Mini Diffuse Soft Box) 

ABaur top light (Sun Gun w/ 50 watt DC Adaptor or 75 watt option)
Flex Fill LG…silver/white, Silk 36 x 36
Cookie Patterns and Case for Set of 4 (tabletop and wall patterns)
Jelly Roll w/ various gels and color correction
Grip  (4) C-Stands, (9) Sandbags, (4) Dimmers for 1K (2) Dimmers for 250 watt (3) Scissor Clamps, (1) Road Rags Kit,  (1) 20 x 24 Green Screen,  (1) 20 x24 Black Duvetyn, and various Lg. Colored Backdrops including Blue and Grey, Small backdrops including White and Black,  (2) Slates

Contact us: (cell) 314-249-9247 or (o) 954-882-5211